Entering the parking lot our mural “Windows of the Bow” welcomes you to the brewery. This large painting by Sally Lockhart depicts the Bow River and all the waters that flow into The Bow. Then it follows the waters of the Bow to Hudson Bay. The windows capture the spectacular scenery and changing landscapes the Bow River flows through.

Sally Lockhart is the creative spirit painting “Windows of the Bow”. She is a self-taught artist and has a passion for the outdoors and nature. “Growing up on a farm in Australia or living by the mountains in Canada, one gains a great appreciation of the beauty and the ever changing colour of Mother Nature’s palette. The colours of nature change the moment everyday and the art is to capture that momentary colour.”

Sally grew up on the family farm in Australia and studied art in year 12 of High School. In 1997 Sally first ventured to Canada and has spent the last 21 years living in Western Canada, she is the mother of two and now home is Calgary.

Since High School Sally did very little with her art. Then in 2011 she took an acrylics course to better understand mixing of colour and her mentor Margaret Sorensen saw a natural talent with Sally’s work and encouraged her to pursue this talent.

We all here at the brewery feel deeply connected to the river. Not only is great water the starting point for great beer but rivers have always been the transport channels to connect people. Like rivers the Bow River Brews continue to connect people and build friendships.

If you want to see more of Sally’s work check out her website www.lockhArt.com or shoot her an email lockhArt.sally@gmail.com