It ain’t Stampede but we can still grab a bull by the horns and celebrate the Stampede spirit !   From the first taste of our headstrong Big Bull Barleywine, you’ll  know you’ve got a winner.


Brewed right here in Calgary close to the Stampede grounds at our Bow River Brewery, Master Brewer Ian Binmore has stirred up some fancy dust and created a unique, balanced and exciting ride, scoring 100 points on the satisfaction scale . Like Wade Leslie, the only cowboy to ever score a 100 point ride on a bull during most the famous bull ride in bull riding’ history, this beer is mighty, amazing  and rare .


Introducing our Limited Release Big Bull Barleywine…a beer brewed for only 56 bold Calgarians  willing to throw their hats and $23 bucks in the ring to  pull the tab on a can of pleasure . That’s right, only 56 bottles of beer on this wall !


Brewin’ barleywine is a tricky trick , not done often because this fancy beer needs 3X the grain to produce it’s high alcohol concentration and then 3X the talent to balance the hops, the grains and the alcohol to make something that tastes real good.  Barley wine was first mass brewed and called barleywine in Britain around 1870, about the time Calgary got off the ground .  Bass Ale #1 was is strong and so powerful with such a high alcohol content it was called “wine”, even though that’s really just  gussying up a beer . The tradition stuck and now “barleywines” are high alcohol content beers, similar to the ales of old that were safer and more fun to drink than the water of Merry Old England.


Then”Old Foghorn”  by Anchor Brewing ,  landed on the  West Coast and brought Cascade hops aboard. Cascade hops have a slightly citrusy, grassy West Coast flavour, tasting like the Rocky Mountain front ranges and the prairies, sweet  and special.   Next up, Bigfoot Barleywine came out of the woods .  With more hops than a Sasquatch and a more intense,  bitter flavour, it took the West by surprise by  tasting better than it sounds and it introduced barleywine to North Americans in a big way.


Finally, here it is : the best of the British traditions married to the Best of the West :  Big Bull Barleywine, by Bow River Brewing.  Lovingly hand crafted , bottling a life-time of experience and the highest quality Cascade hops and and a few other secret ingredients to give our beer the best balance of flavour and aromas possible with every bottle hand-sealed with wax and signed by Ian,  Big Bull will go down in history as the safest way to beat a bull in 8 seconds without landing in the dirt !


Mosey on down real fast to Bow River Brewing and throw a rope ‘round your own wild ragin’ kick-ass BIG BULL BARLEY WINE.  Yahooo!

by Andrea Brussa